Liberation is Healthy

As a young dance student and lead performer, the backstage dressing rooms were always filled with performers naked, half naked, tights and leotards, quickchanges back stage, plenty of nudity in a comfortable yet hurried settings. Why? To look the best and be the best for the public ofcourse. Historical art and recent art of nude images is normal. Is this health?

There are many diverse bodies in the world, and we have a right to celebrate all of them. We were born naked and as we work through the layers of growth spiritually, mentally and physically, we may realize that our ability to see the body and be comfortable withour bodies, as we were born, will assist us with our developments mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.Ofcourse the best way to see the body is in its nude from.


Does it matter what I'm wearing? Freeing ourselves from stress of others perceptions, and allowing ourselves to be in harmony with nature, is healthy.


Natural nudity can also be percieved as a form of rebirthing. How were you treated as a new born, infant, early childhood? Were you immediately wrapped in blankets? Wear diapers? T shirts and naked bottoms? Our oppotunities to be naked in our adult lives allow us to re birth ourselves, correcting or enhancing the positive or negative images that were bestowed upon us at birth. 


Human kind occassionally clothes animals, for what purpose? Survival? Entertainment? Our animals don't always have a choice.   Humans becoming comfortable with their nudity in conjunction with nature, as part of nature, allows us to feel at one with mother earth.  True freedom in my opinion is when we are able accept less, need less, and therefore, be more.


When we connect our physical, mental, spiritual and emotinal bodies we are able to become a whole person, accepting ourselves and those around us. When we have pain or inner issues, we are more likely to give pain and feel issues with others. We are able to heal ourselves, by accepting ourselves, and accepting ourselves as part of nature.


Our mind and bodies are reflective of each other. By connecting our bodies and minds we have a better chance of healing ourselves and bringing us back in balance with nature.


Thank you naturalists for being comfortable and may we continue to promote choice of freedom from clothing for all beings, promoting inner healing and inner peace, beginning with ourselves. It is helathy to accept nature, and accept ourselves as being a part of nature.


3rd world countries, tropical climates, clothing is not necessary.  The best "medicine" we obtain is directly from some place in nature.  As we create a greater global economy we have access to more and more of the worlds natural medicine.  Natural salt from the oceans/seas, natural clay/mud for body masks, aloe vera plants, natural water etc. Holistic health and natural knowledge begin with awareness.  We have the choice to hurt ourselves or help ourselves, hurt the world or help the world, and beleiving that we are helping ourselves by accepting our natural bodies, minds, and spirits as part of nature, is recreating a stable foundation.


Thank you nature for helping to heal me.

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