Telling Family & Friends

I first told my parents, back when I was a young 23, that I wanted to spend most of my time naked. In all honesty they wasn't very surprised, and quite happily accepted that I spent most of my time in my room or when I knew we wouldn't have visitors naked around the house. Now I suppose this stems back to the "Summer of '76," the year of the Indian Summer when my parents used to sit me out the front of our family home, naked, in my buggy. Back then it wasn't frowned upon to see kids upto the age of 10 running around with very little on. It wasnt until I started swimming lessons at school, and privately, that I knew what a swimming costume was, to be honest I dont think most kids of my generation did.

The only other family member I've told, and the last remaining person knowing of my lifestyle choice, is my closest cousin. She's fine with it, but like most people, prefers me to remain dressed if she's visiting. However here comes the crux of it all, my dilema, how do I go about telling my friends? I have, like us all I'm sure, some very close friends. Some that I have known for over 20 years, infact we are more like family than friends, they are the brothers and sisters I never had as a child. The thing is, even though I know some of them will understand, I am still affraid of being alienated as the weird one. What I mean is being singled out as strange, and having all contact broken, even though they have been there through thick and thin with me.

My closest friend is of course female, someone that has been there all the time for me and me for her, through very tough times. So we have had tears and laughter together, shared the sad times and the good times. Our paths have strayed apart very little over the years. So how would, neigh could, I tell her that I like being naked all the time? I hate wearing clothes? My male friends I'm expecting the usual ribbing, thats what we do, we insult each other, but all in good humour. However to tell her is going to be difficult to say the least, or do I even have to tell my friends? So you see what my quandry is, how hard things can be to tell someone something you've kept quiet for years.

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  • Mark and Tracey S (Admin)
    Mark and Tracey S (Admin) All our kids know that we are naturists two of them accept it whilest the eldest hates the idear, My dad knows and has been here while ive been nude although tracey hasnt yet been in front of him . We told Traceys mum who said what we do is up too us but ...  more
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