naturist agesim

another rant, im a 33 newbie naturist, i just wonder sometimes ,  im 33, so im kind of nearly over the hill , however i wonder why naturism seems to mainly appeal to older folks, i wonder why young people have issues in being nude hmmmm,

just a thought


what do u think???

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  • Viv P
    Viv P Jon paul, I am more than double your age and have been a naturist for over 50 years so I was pretty young when I started, its all a matter of attitude and mindset, nobody has a perfect body we are all either male or female with lots of variety within that...  more
    November 16, 2013 - 4 like this
  • dana fields
    dana fields there are many young people enjoying being nude, many are just not interested in joining clubs and such. most do so on weekends at resorts or go camping. some just do so at home. if you were to do a survey and ask them, you will be surprised.
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  • max liberson
    max liberson Its part of the weird twisted thinking that has become the norm, "33 over the hill"! So what that certain parts of the human anatomy can get a bit droopy after a few years and female bodies can show the effect of child birth, that only goes to show that a...  more
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  • Jim Cooper
    Jim Cooper The way I see it is 'life's too short as it is. Why hold back, go for the guests, every day a new adventure. I don't have anyone to impress but myself, so why not explore life.
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